contact: memoriesofamnesia@gmail.com
Hello, dear Reader, whomever and wherever you may be, and welcome.  I started this blog in the summer of 2010, out of pure boredom.  I've been following quite a few different blogs for over a year prior to creating the blog, and was inspired, I guess!  Plus, I thought it would be fun to have something I could look back on in a few years, sort of like a diary. 
I'm Catherine - 20 years old, University student, Palestinian-American with a severe case of nostalgia and wanderlust.  Despite the fact that I was voted as "Most Quiet" in my senior class, I would never classify myself as such.  My dream job would involve me traveling the world for free/without care for money, and having some adorable house in Germany as my home base.  I live in my daydreams, making me one hell of an escapist.  I have an interest in fashion, but am not willing to pursue it professionally, I simply enjoy it as a hobby.  I love tights, socks, interesting music, Autumn, laughing, fiction books, interesting movies, good food, and my grandparents' house. 
I'm just another girl living in the world, with a lot to learn and a willingness to do just that.