Friday, July 23, 2010

nerd alert,

Let the Right One In, movie poster and book cover, respectively. (I posted the Swedish book cover rather than the English one because I like it more. It's more interesting looking, I think)

Finally read the book
and watched the movie! I would definitely suggest both, they are amazingly amazing. If I were talented at writing critiques, I would. But, with my writing/critiquing abilities being how they are, it would just turn out like this: "OMG IT WUZ SO GOOD!!!!1!!!111!!!one!! <3" Clearly eloquent. But seriously, they were both wonderful. My only complaint is that I wish the movie included Eli's background. It was very briefly hinted at, but nothing more. I don't think it detracted from the film, though. But that was something I was hoping to see (I always liked flashbacks/back-stories). Oh, and the whole Hakan plot was sort of chopped out, as well. I didn't mind that so much, though.

Anyways, just a quick blog update, nothing new happening. I did clean the house and cook, though, which I consider to be a feat of no small means.

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