Tuesday, November 23, 2010

brief respite

Sorry I've been absent lately, dear blog of mine. Not too much has been happening - school work has kept me quite busy (speaking of which, I should actually be working on a research paper that's due tomorrow). Went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One on opening day! I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for July! But, ugh, when Dobby died (spoiler alert?) I got so teary, it was pathetic. And you know the scene where Ron is about to destroy the locket-horcrux and there are the weird Hermione and Harry apparition things? My sister leaned once it ended and whispered, "Catherine... they're naked." I nearly choked on my popcorn! Speaking of popcorn, HOW RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE IS MOVIE THEATRE POPCORN NOWADAYS?! COMPLETELY INSANE. We paid eight dollars for a large bag to share between the two of us. EIGHT FUCKING DOLLARS.

Anyways, my Thanksgiving break begins tomorrow! I'm mildly excited, only because as soon as I get back, it's time to review for finals week (kill me now, please). For Thanksgiving itself, I'll be driving to Detroit to visit my family. The drive, I am not looking forward to. The family, tons of Arabic food, and fun times, I definitely am.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving and don't listen to what everyone says about eating less - gorge yourselves! There's no time to do so like Thanksgiving! :)

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