Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Roller Coaster Experience

A little late, I know, but I can now say that I have rode a roller coaster! :D I went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg this past weekend with two really good friends of mine from high school - so much fun! And they helped me overcome my fear of roller coasters. Not only that, they managed to get me on the tallest and fastest dive machine in the world. Ah, so persuasive! I ended up riding every coaster in the park, and I'm totally proud of myself for doing so. This was a huge fear of mine - as a kid, I would cry and cry whenever anyone tried to get me on a roller coaster. But now, I can ride practically anything in the park!

We went to Busch Gardens the day before Halloween, so the whole park was converted to be extra creepy once it got dark at 6. It was so awesome, park employees dressed like monsters and killers were around every corner (there were some pretty convincing blood-covered butchers with chain saws running around), smoke machines, eerie decorations and music and tons of other cool stuff were abundant. Not to mention a bunch of haunted houses! My friend and I ended up going through about three haunted houses and one haunted trail (the lines were ridiculously long). Overall, a very enjoyable Halloween weekend this year, :)

But the fun stopped there, unfortunately. Monday when I went to school, reality hit. One midterm tomorrow, two papers next week, regular homework, registration for next semester and two research papers. On top of that, I've managed to get sick. Is it too early to say "Bah Humbug"?

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