Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Easy Squeezy

I've been looking for a nice pair of high waist jean shorts for quite a while now.  Since I'm not willing to buy the ridiculously overpriced ones at Urban Outfitters (Sixty bucks for a pair of shorts? Are you kidding me?), I decided to make my own! I went to my local Goodwill to find high-waist pants that fit me - trust me, that's a lot easier said than done.  The problem was that there weren't very many small-sized high-waisted jeans.  The majority of them were awkwardly loose, especially in the crotch area (weird).  After way too many trips to the dressing room, I finally found a pair that fit!  They're actually a children's XL, heh.  Anyways, I bought them and head home to fix them up.  While the jeans were on me, I used a marker to draw a rough cut-line, so that both legs would be even.  Then I just took the scissors to them, and voila! New shorts! I folded up the edge to give it a cleaner edge, and to prevent tearing.  I'll probably sew them up later, as well, for reinforcement.  Anyways, updates might be more frequent coming up - I'm going to be hanging out with some friends for the next couple weeks! Tomorrow my friend will be introducing me to a Vietnamese noodle shop that I've been dying to try! Ugh, getting hungry just thinking about it... 

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