Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh, love of mine

After talking about my old rabbit in the last post, I felt nostalgic and decided to post a couple photos of him! 
So this is BunnBunn, formally known as Snowball! He was my very first pet (and only, as of yet), and was awesome! I got him when I was nine years old, and chose him specifically for the black fur around his eyes (I thought he looked like Cleopatra).  He's a little Dwarf rabbit, so he wasn't very big at all - although, he was a little overweight, mostly because I liked to feed him things he probably should not have been eating! I think his favorite was cereal - he would hop around excitedly when he heard the rustle of the cereal bag.  He had some complications the year before I moved away to Germany, we'd taken him to the animal clinic once because he was acting very strangely, and wasn't eating properly.  The veterinarian didn't think he'd last the weekend, and offered to put him down.  I couldn't bare that, and nursed him back to health everyday, with a special formula from the veterinarian through a syringe.  He lived well for another few months before he died, sadly.  We knew it was coming, he was acting strangely again, so my whole family was there for his death.  I don't think I've ever cried so much.  We buried him in the backyard, overlooking the fields because he always liked the view when he was alive.  I guess it's something of a good thing that everything happened the way it did.  I doubt he could have survived the flight to Germany, and he may have been quarantined there for quite a long time.  And I couldn't handle giving him away to someone else - it would feel too much like abandonment and betrayal, I feel.  Ah, this post has gotten thoroughly depressing, and it shouldn't be! He brought me a lot of happiness as a kid, and he was a great playmate, and always great for cuddling.  I really think the connections people have to their pets - regardless of the animal - is a very important,special thing.  I'm sure many people know exactly what I'm talking about.  Lots of people refer to their pets as members of their family, which they often become.  And it's amazing how profound of an effect they can have on you. 
I'll never forget my little BunnBunn and how wonderful he was.  Rest In Peace, little rabbit of mine, :')

My little darling, 2000-2005,

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