Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ah, so the winter that the rest of the country has been experiencing has finally hit us.  I'm not particularly rejoicing in this fact, either.  My dad shoveled snow before he left for work, and by the afternoon new snow had fallen and completely erased his hard work! So my sister and I set out to shovel the sidewalk (not an easy task when your sidewalk takes up an entire lots' worth), driveway and entrance.  We bundled up and set to a good hours work! My back and shoulders were annoyingly sore about halfway through, and I was beginning to overheat.  And let me tell you, overheating in the dead of winter is a very strange, paradoxical feeling indeed.  And now our hard work has been completely destroyed by an even stronger storm! Ugh, thanks a lot, Weather, that's a horrible joke you're playing on us.

I had planned to go to a friends' house to bake macarons and watch Låt den rätte komma in ( or Let The Right One In in English! It's one of my favorite films, and the book is great as well), but due to the weather that obviously didn't happen.  Ah, maybe next time!

The Spring Semester at school begins next Monday.  I'm a little bit glad to be going back - I'm getting a minor case of cabin fever from being stuck at home without much to do for the past month!  I'm sure I'll get sick of Uni about two weeks in, but for now I'm happy to return. 

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