Sunday, February 6, 2011

a composition of the past couple weeks in low-quality webcam photos

  I've been too lazy to take any decent photos.  Anyways, here's my outfit today.  I spent most of the day reading schoolbooks, so I decided dressing like a librarian might motivate me to concentrate (it didn't).  I've got a few photos to put up of sledding last weekend, and they'll probably be up by this week.  If you watch the Superbowl, hope your team wins and hope you have a fun Superbowl Sunday! As for me, I personally am not into American football and will probably skip out, :)
Here's a few more photos (via my crappy webcam of some outfits, etc):
Getting ready to ride the train to stay the weekend at my friend's house in Virginia! Wearing a Hunger Games tee - have you read the trilogy? I highly recommend them, they're some of my favorites! :)
Rather than arm myself, I hide under blankets and get on the internet when I'm afraid I'll be the next target of a late-night burglar.
Clean room!
New nail polish given to me by Little Sister! It's supposed to help strengthen your nails and comes in a lovely pink shade.
unsuccessful attempt at menswear (but I have to share this amazing deal with you all - I bought that sheer black blouse for only $3 from H&M during their winter sale!)
First day of the Winter/Spring Semester!
Successful attempt at menswear!
HANUTA FIX (I haven't had these tasty little bastards since I left Germany, and now I found them at the international section of the commissary - the military grocery store! Eeeeee!)
Have a good week!

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