Friday, February 25, 2011

Year 20 and Yoga

 As of yesterday, February the 24th, I am officially no longer a teenager! I am now twenty years old - totally crazy.  I still feel the same, obviously, but it's so bizarre that I'm now in my twenties.  I don't look it at all, nor do I feel it.  But you can't deny the facts! I had a small party with my family yesterday, and my mom made one of my favorite Arabic dishes for dinner.  And take a good look at that tasty cake, because she made it too! Isn't it awesome? We agreed that we'd get a really small cake this year (considering we never finish birthday cakes), and a two-tiered masterpiece was her idea of "small" apparently.  I'm not complaining, though, I absolutely loved it, :)
Two of my birthday gifts - a Hunger Games tee (Mockingjay on the front, "Down With the Capitol!" spray-painted on the back), and a lovely, soft IKEA pillow that I always point out when we go. 

Last Friday, I tried yoga for the first time - specifically bikram, or hot, yoga.  It was intense! I was walking around like an old woman for a few days afterwards as well (I am most definitely out of shape), but I really enjoyed it! I went again today, there was a different teacher who was a lot less intense, so I didn't end up drowning in sweat like last time.  It feels really good though, so I hope to stick with it! 

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