Monday, March 28, 2011

Catherine Spills All

Day Two:  What's in your bag?
The contents of my purse are typically a jumbled mess, with everything disappearing the moment I try to retrieve it.  Ah, c'est la vie.  Disclaimer: this is the nice stuff from my purse - I didn't include the cough drop wrappers, pads, half empty water bottle, DVD I borrowed from a friend, miscellaneous scraps of paper, or a bunch of other crap.  My belongings are notoriously chaotic, and it is likely they will stay that way for quite a long time.  On a different note, I absolutely love my wallet.  It was a gift from my dear, darling little sister for my 20th! I will never tire of it and plan to use it until it falls apart. 
And, I'm also making this an outfit post! I actually liked what I wore today, as it made me feel classy, :) I'm still in love with the polka dot shirt - it was a steal from H&M for 5 Euro! Also, please excuse my grumpy face - I took this just after I got home from a long day at school (and a frantic attempt to put together a scholarship application that I just barely managed to turn in on time)!

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