Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Feeling sick/ill/under the weather/whatever you call it

I've had a sore-throat since last Wednesday and thus, am not a happy camper.  It's been on-and-off too, so I keep thinking I'm healed until the next morning when I wake up and can't swallow without it feeling like I'm being continually stabbed in the neck.  No fun.  Well, today seems to be the worst recurrence, pain-wise.  It even woke me up more than an hour before my alarm rings (and let me tell you, I don't enjoy being woken up anytime before my alarm rings).  Unfortunately, I can't skip school either because I have a German test (which I am most definitely unprepared for) this morning.  However, I may just go to German, fail that test, and then come home - skipping my other two classes.  They're only lectures anyways, I can just get the notes from a classmate. 
Well, I suppose I should be doing some last-minute cramming, rather than blogging, at this point.  That, and consuming as much tea as I possibly can in the next half hour... Hope your March had a much more pleasant beginning than mine! 

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