Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Trip to the Old Part of Town

A couple weeks ago, I went to the Walter's Museum of Art in the old part of Baltimore for research in a paper I was doing for my Buddhism class.  I've always enjoyed going to museums, and since I've never been to this one, I quite enjoyed it!  Part of the museum is in a new building, while part of it is in this awesome, old mansion next door.  I wasn't able to look at everything unfortunately (it's a really big museum, lots of floors and exhibits!), but I hit up all of the Asian art and a little bit of European Renaissance, Islamic, Byzantine, Christian, and a teeny bit of medieval art.  The weather was completely horrible outdoors (it was pouring down some serious rain most of the time), which made it an even better day for a museum visit! The whole family came along, so it was quite a nice way to spend our Sunday.

Have I ever mentioned I am a dork? Because I am, here's proof of me embarrassing myself in the middle of the museum - pretending I'm one of the many Buddha statues in the room.

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