Wednesday, June 30, 2010

busy, busy bee

Hello, dear blog. I've been cleaning all day and have just finished. My lovely friend Katelyn is coming to visit me today and stay until Friday afternoon, so we are going to have lots of fun. But probably no updates till then. I'm so glad both Katelyn and I moved to the same area so we can at least visit each other when we want. Of course, it used to be a lot easier when we were only a fifteen minute car ride away and saw each other every day at school. But I don't mind our commute now, a two hour drive isn't nearly as bad as moving to opposite ends of the country, like a few of my other friends. Besides, we have a long history of travelling long distances with each other! We've been to all sorts of places together: Berlin, Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland twice, and Switzerland. So we're used to it, I suppose!
Katelyn and I (and Don, creeping in the background)on our way to Berlin!

Anyways, so we plan to continue our tradition and go to the premiere of Eclipse tonight. Then tomorrow we'll probably just hang out and maybe shop or swim or something. We'll plan as we go!

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