Friday, July 2, 2010

summertime, time, time

So Katelyn and I had a lovely time hanging out these past few days! It was basically the epitome of summertime - swimming, eating ice cream, watching movies, chilling out on the porch under the big umbrella, talking about everything, reminiscing/being nostalgic, laughing at funny internet things, prank-calling people we know, etc... It was fun, fun, fun! And we'll be going to Busch Gardens in a few weeks with a couple other friends from high school that are in the D.C. area, as well. The specifics are yet to be settled. We were originally going to have it this coming week, but that didn't work out because Katelyn has Chemo this week and I've got family from oversees coming to visit! We'll figure it out, eventually! :P And now, for some photo-documentation of the Katelyn and I's adventures:

We missed out on the typical American shopping experiences in high school, so we're unleashing our immature high-school selves at Barnes&Noble.

Exhibit A

We were strangely enamored with the children's story corner...

I have the maturity of a bucket.

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