Thursday, July 15, 2010

checking in

I've finished Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, and it was pretty good. A little slow at times, but I liked the story, in the end. I've moved onto Let Me In (Lindqvist), and I'm pretty sure that one will be quite good. Other than that, I have been completely useless. But that is precisely what summer vacation is for, right? Right!

Speaking of vacations, I'm set to visit my family in Michigan this August! I'm really excited, these trips have been the highlight of my summers since I was a kid! All my mom's siblings and their families all travel down and stay in my grandparent's tiny rancher outside of Detroit. We're cramped and usually despise each other by day three, but we love it all the same. It's just so much fun, with all the delicious food (Arabic food is by far my favorite) my aunties and grandma make, the family gatherings (which typically consist of about 40 or so people), the adventures we go on, continuing our tradition of having a massive picnic/barbeque at Lake Eerie while all the kids go swim in the wave-pool and play on the grounds - the list could continue on forever. But I've got so many wonderful memories there, and I'm happy to go back! After all, I haven't spent a summer in Michigan since 2007, I believe.

Anyways, to keep this from being a massive text post, here I am camera-whoring in Target.

And I actually did buy the pair of shoes in the box under my arm. White canvas lace-up's, which I plan on decorating with a punch of sharpies later, for $9.00 is not too shabby of a deal.

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