Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last night, while studying for Macro: my pathetic "I-hate-studying" face because, well, I do.
Midterms are here and I'm not enjoying it one bit! Took a macroeconomics test today and felt the urge to shoot myself in the face afterwards (I'm only joking, of course). Eh, if I fail out of college I can always become an ice-cream lady! Because, after all, who dislikes ice cream? Also, I ended up getting a B+ on that horrible Cultural Studies paper (which I stayed up till 4 am for). Not too shabby! Gerontology exam this Thursday, presentation/class direction on Monday for Political Science, and Cultural Studies exam on Tuesday. After that I'm home free! :D Until finals, that is. (wow, Catherine, way to be a bummer).

today, thinking about becoming an ice-cream lady

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