Friday, October 1, 2010

not much time,

Just a quick post before the weekend. It was pouring down rain like it was the monsoon season, today. My little sister's school even got cancelled! Hung out with a fairly new friend, which was really fun. Finally found someone who appreciates anime/manga as much as I do, :D And we're into a lot of the same ones! Off to an engagement party tomorrow. Lots of Arabs in a hall, loud and dancing and eating = chaos/fun/I can't be a social hermit tomorrow. Saturday, Little Sister and I are going to go see "Let Me In" (!!!!) which we're really excited for. Plus, it's her first R-rated movie she'll see in theatres, so it's semi-special. Midterms coming up this week, ugh.

This has been a brief update, filled with improperly formulated sentences, courtesy of yours truly!

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