Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Finally, the weather has begun to act a little more seasonably! And it's almost October, my (newly decided upon) favorite month! I spent the day on campus with Paulomi and Jen today. I helped Paulomi make a flag for her dorm - we felt like little 7th graders again, doing an arts and crafts project! It was fun, and our flag was totally worth the hard work!

The colors were pre-decided by her RA, as was the quad name (it's supposed to be a "country." The RA is a bit of a Lord of the Rings nerd, so all the quads are named in Elvish. Paulomi's is "Killedre" which apparently means "people of charm" which matches because we're oh-so charming, :P ). The colors also coincide with Maryland's beloved (American) football team, the Ravens, hence the raven wings and football in the lower right hand quadrant. Although, I insisted that the raven wings also be representative of Ravenclaw, the house from Harry Potter!

A lot of people, including Paulomi and Jen, commented that I was dressed very punk-rock today. So I was coerced into taking the worst rocker photo in the world. Also, pardon the bad photo quality, it was taken by Paulomi's blackberry!

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