Sunday, September 26, 2010

Can I say how madly in love I am with these boots I bought? I've been wanting lace-ups for such a long time, and I finally found these lovely ones! I love that they're so versatile, and the heels are surprisingly comfortable. And I got my recently vegetarian sister to approve (she has completely different taste in clothes than I do) because they're adorable and made with man-made leather, so no furry little friends were harmed in the making of this wonderful creation. These are going to get some heavy wear over the next couple years.

One of the best things about these shoes, as well, is the price (or rather, price reduction)! They were originally $80, but I managed to catch them on sale for $35, and then got another reduction with an in-store coupon. In the end, they were about $30!

In other news, my favorite season has arrived! Autumn is so beautiful and the weather is so perfect. Ah, I am going to enjoy this fall season.

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