Thursday, September 23, 2010

These violent delights have violent ends

My hair today, for some reason, reminded me a bit of Audrey Hepburn. So here's my best Audrey face. I'm aware Audrey is infinite times better at the Audrey face than I am.

For the first day of Autumn, it feels strangely like summer. It hit about 90 degrees today, and tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter. Autumn, my favorite season, appears to be AWOL. I guess my cozy autumn clothes and I will just sit patiently until it begins to cool down. School, particularly the work, is picking up! I've been flooded with all sorts of assignments and deadlines. But I don't have much right to complain considering I'm a massive procrastinator, anyways!

I'm really excited for October 1st - Let Me In (the remake of the Swedish "Let The Right One In"- one of my favorite films ) will premiere! I was a bit nervous when I first heard about the remake, but the reviews and critiques have all been very positive, so far. So, basically, I'm extremely excited!

Tomorrow, I'm going to the Study Abroad office on campus with a fellow future-study-abroader to begin the long process of planning! Then I'll hang out with a few friends and possibly go scope out this cute pair of shoes that I've been eying that went on sale! Tell you about it later!

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