Friday, January 7, 2011

A Lazy Haze

I've been feeling unwell lately, so I've been staying at home and doing schoolwork/tumblr most of the time.  Any good movie recommendations? Also, my plans for the weekend include attempting to make the super delicious Korean food, Kim Bap! I remember when my Korean friends introduced me to it - it was love at first bite.  Seriously, so delicious and I haven't had it in years! So to cure this, I am going to hopefully make a successful batch! Details on that afterwards, :)
 And here is a shot of my natural environment, my comfy bed! I plan on getting a newer, full-sized bed soon, though.  I've had this one for over ten years, and it's a little too girly.  I want one of those cool IKEA ones that are all awesome looking and such.  Man, I love IKEA.

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