Sunday, January 9, 2011

Woodland Creatures

I bought these rings for my little sister for Christmas, and absolutely adore them!  They're from H&M and cost $8 for the four of them.  I'm completely enamored with them, and will definitely be borrowing them from my sister in the near future! 

I'll be seeing Black Swan tomorrow with a friend and then hanging out.  I've heard tons of people love the movie and some are hinting at Oscar-nods?  I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the movie, and we'll see if I think it's Oscar-worthy (not that I have any sort of professional film opinion).  I watched Toy Story 3 yesterday for the first time and, for a kid who loved the first two, I really enjoyed this one - definitely was not disappointed! And I have to say that Buzz in Spanish-mode was possibly the most humorous thing ever.  Anyways, my stomach is demanding that I feed it something other than cereal, and I must appease it. 

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